About Scenoptica

Scenoptica is an open source filmmaking project. Our goal is to provide audiovisual content that this educational, thoughful, and reusable, in the spirit of keeping art and education available for all to enjoy. This content takes a variety of forms: films, documentaries, lectures, essays, conversations, and footage of the plants, animals, and landscape of our planet.

The project is currently administered by two people (Joaquim and Lelly), but we hope to expand the project if we have the resources for it. You can learn about how you can support our mission here, or get in touch with us if you wish.

The people behind the project

Joaquim Baeta

Making words, sounds, movies, websites, and playing drums.

jaybaeta@mastodon.social jaybaeta joaquimbaeta.com

Lelly Marliana

Megalohydrothalassophobic ecologist. High functioning recluse. Interests include prog, spitting llamas, and serial commas.

lellybaeta allisfoundintime.com