Ani and MIPA Cat

In the previous B-roll we shared from The Cats of the Faculty of Biology, Andra (one of our student interviewees) was playing with Kunkun. This time, we're featuring the other student we interviewed, Ani. The cat here is unceremoniously called "MIPA cat," after her faculty of origin (Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, or the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), because we don't actually know her name. As we noted in the documentary, although it's nominally about the Faculty of Biology's cats, we couldn't avoid running into the other cats of UGM—and they couldn't help running into us.

In the case of this MIPA cat, she was extremely aggressive in her attention-seeking behaviour. She rubbed herself against both students, demanding their attention. At one point, you can see Ani becoming exasperated with her aggressiveness, when she appears to scratch the student. Ani is then wary of touching her again, and what does she do? Just continue to ask for attention, because she won't be denied. Ani was none the worse for wear, but one can imagine all the treats this MIPA cat must be receiving in her native faculty!

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