Don't Worry - Life is Easy

Another one in our series on Göttingen graffiti. These words are probably gone now, all these years later. If so, they still live on in this dirty shot, as an ode to calming reassurance or wistful naivety. Perhaps the anonymous artist can find us and let us know how they feel about it today. Do they still think life is easy? Age and experience change us, and things we could never anticipate in our youth are often what wind up defining us in later life. The easiness of life (or lack thereof) changes accordingly. Looking at it differently, it might be a call to look more deeply at our lives, and acknowledge that our brains lie to us: our anxieties are not reality; life is much easier than we make it out to be.

Whatever they mean, these words at least moved me enough to want to shoot them. Coloured by time, I'd say they were a truthful enough reminder to me to respect the easier aspects of living, in direct defiance of my numerous anxieties. They might have meant the same to others who cared to read them, and equally nothing to the passersby who never gave a second glance to graffiti.

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