Looking Over a Cliff in the Dieng Mountains

I'm pleased to introduce Shoe Footage, or: shots that feature my feet! Sikunir Hill in the Dieng Mountains is the site of a golden sunrise, a tourist attraction viewable only during the dry season. During the rest of the year, you'll likely be disappointed to find your view blocked by the omnipresent cloud cover of tropical mountains. However, with some luck on the westerly edge of this hill, you can experience the flow of cloudy morning mist as it rolls up and over the hill. It's a cold, wet, and very windy experience (sorry for that audio!), and requires just a bit of bravery to stand over the correct overhanging rock, but seeing yourself disappear in the clouds is something to behold. The specific moment (00:13) where I step down as the mist passes continues to be one of my favourite. It captures my precise feelings—of watching the white nothingness with trepidation until it passes and finally reveals the life lays beyond.

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