Manatee Tank in Tierpark Berlin

Upon third viewing, I realised that there's a surprising level of diversity in this tank, with the smallest fish looking like floating debris until you start paying attention. But, as wonderful as these little fish may be, there is no denying the true star of the show, who appears before the camera with glorious flair—as close to the perfect photobomb as I may ever get from an animal. The manatee gracefully swims past us and then playfully twists and turns in front of the onlookers, knowing (seemingly) what the people came here to see. And for this brief sojourn by the window, people are at turns enraptured and terrified. Children watch in awe, and if you listen closely, you will hear Lelly say, "Yeah, I'm still scared," still in the process of overcoming her thalassophobia.

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