Milking Banded Krait (Bungarus fasciatus) Venom, in Slow Motion

Originally, we hadn't planned on releasing any of the raw footage from the snake milking documentary, as we thought it'd be of limited usefulness, but it turns out we were wrong (or more truthfully, I, Joaquim was wrong). Someone has actually already reused some shots from it (see:, so the only sensible thing to do would be to officially release the originals.

This one is of Bungarus fasciatus (banded krait), and shows the full milking process in slow motion. The shot isn't perfect by any stretch, with light flickering, focus drops, and unfortunate positioning. Hopefully, these can be remedied when we get a second try at filming this.

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  • A portion of this footage can be found in the video, "5 most POISONOUS SNAKES in the WORLD - part 2" on YouTube.

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