Owiii Watches the World Go By

One of my favourite shots from 'The Cats of the Faculty of Biology' (https://youtu.be/VTBwDPkieM0) features the charismatic Owiii quietly watching the distant traffic. This was the original shot to be considered for the end credits roll, before I (wisely) decided not to muddy it with rolling text. My big regret is that I didn't let the shot play out, even though I initially got what I wanted out of it, because it's such a pleasant moment with the most serene cat in the faculty. I really should have let it go as long as necessary!

Besides that, Owiii rarely vocalised (with me, anyway), so this is also the perfect encapsulation of her relationship with the faculty, silently accompanying the passing day. More than any other cat, I think she was truly connected to this area, and the stress of being relocated took the biggest toll on her.

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