Tumultuous Shore

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We think the title of this footage from Parangtritis in Java, Indonesia, is a fairly accurate description of the beach's reputation. Although many people are unfazed by it, Parangtritis's adjacency to the Sunda Trench and combination of rip currents, large waves, and powerful undertow make it unwelcoming for brave swimmers and dangerous for unprepared ones. The reach of its waves is also quite surprising, meaning if you're not paying attention, you'll quickly find your shoes being carried away (which nearly happened to us twice).

Parangtritis's fearsome reputation has inspired local myths. It's said that Parangtritis is a meeting point for Nyai Loro Kidul, the queen of the Indian Ocean. She controls the ocean's violent waves, and although she is beautiful and has even served as a spiritual consort of sultans, her ferocity is the cause of many fishermen deaths. One method of appeasement is to avoid wearing green on the beach, which is her sacred colour.

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