Waves of the Weser

14 seconds 720


This is the first shot appearing in Scenoptica that was used in 'Solitary Take'. Over time, every shot used in that film will be uploaded, so you will be able to reconstruct it to your liking. This is in keeping with our philosophy of making Scenoptica both easily accessible, downloadable, and re-usable.

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License & Attribution

By Joaquim Baeta. The files associated with this video are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You are free to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon them in any medium or format, even for commercial purposes, provided you give appropriate credit to Joaquim Baeta.

Example attribution: "Waves of the Weser" by Joaquim Baeta, https://scenoptica.com/footage/waves-of-the-weser.html, CC BY.