Yogyakarta Sunrise, One

Recently, I've had a bad bout of out-of-sync circadian rhythms, with my body clock inverting the time of day. As a result, I've been extremely exhausted during the day, and wide awake through the night. Slowly, I've been getting back to a more normal sleep-wake cycle, but until then, it's been extremely disruptive to say the least. If something good has come out of it, though, it's that I've gotten to watch the sunrise every day, accompanied by the audible buzz of life waking up.

This is the first of several pieces of footage of a recent sunrise, and although I like the shot, I prefer the sound much more. I've edited it a bit for noise reduction, so you can really hear the insects and birds (not to mention the ever-present roosters). There is so much diversity of life in this location that the cacophony can be overwhelming, and yet it's just a small piece of undeveloped land in a village. There could be so much more if its "owners" didn't chop down its trees and periodically clear its shrubs, but even in this compromised state and in spite of the periodic clearings, plants keep coming back and animals keep taking advantage of whatever food and shelter is afforded them.

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