Variations of the Theme for Bokeh in Motion

A special release that was on the back burner for a while. This collection comprises audio used for Bokeh in Motion, several variations that went unused, a longform version of the traditional Scenoptica logo open, a longform version of another, hitherto unused, opening theme, and the vocal tracks (solo and finalised). The video is a visualiser of each track.

Also included with this item is the zipped archive of the original source tracks and project files. These files are in Reaper (.RPP) format, and will need certain plugins (e.g. u-he's ACE and TyrellN6) to be installed for the sounds to be effectively recreated. Not all true sources are included (they were unfortunately overwritten at some point).

Track details

Track 1: This is the original (and still occasionally used) opening theme used for videos, but extended with several motifs.

Track 2: The variation that was ultimately used in Bokeh in Motion, composed of several rather disquieting layers and a general, lurching rumble. This gave the video an unsettling feel (for better and worse).

Track 3: The glacial, monotonous rumble. The rumble just—kind of—goes on, leading to nowhere.

Track 4: What sounds like (but isn't) guitar fuzz and punctuated strumming. This is a more stripped-down version of the next track.

Track 5: Another variant on a punctuated theme. This is more evocative of a 70s horror film than it needed to be.

Track 6: A re-render of the vocal and background tracks used in the final video.

Track 7: A solo of the vocal track used in Bokeh in Motion. This version is slightly improved, with increased brightness to the voice and slight roominess.

Track 8: This is an as-yet unused opening theme variation, but once again extended, with near-infinite decay of the end of the loop. The full version goes on for a dozen minutes in this monotonous fashion.

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  • An accompanying video version of this item can be found in our footage section.

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  • All of the files associated with this item can be downloaded from the Internet Archive.
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  • Selected tracks from this item can be downloaded from Freesound.
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License & Attribution

By Joaquim Baeta. The files associated with this video are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You are free to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon them in any medium or format, even for commercial purposes, provided you give appropriate credit to Joaquim Baeta.

Example attribution: "Variations of the Theme for Bokeh in Motion" by Joaquim Baeta,, CC BY.