Jalan Kesehatan from Kebun Biologi, One

Some of these shots were used in both The Cats of the Faculty of Biology and the short montage, Lelly's Ecology Bootcamp, and originally shot for the latter. The view is of the opposite side of Kebun Biologi (the patch of woodland mentioned in the documentary that serves as a buffer for both the faculty and the cats), which is a busy road that crosses between several other faculties. We also see the entrance of the sprawling campus of the Faculty of Engineering.

There is a voyeuristic mood to these shots, with the camera positioned behind vegetation, but this rather depends on whether you're focusing on the background or the vegetation. This would be an excellent vantage point for a spy, but alternatively, one could watch the slight sway of the leaves and empathise with the number of animals who inhabit this 'forest' and sit on the plants on its edge, foraging for food as the traffic goes by. When I wasn't avoiding the hundred mosquitos, this was where my focus was ultimately drawn; not the world beyond but the line between that world and this one.

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