Jalan Kesehatan from Kebun Biologi, Two

The second (and last) video in this series. These shots were initially shot for Lelly's Ecology Bootcamp but were also used during the editing of The Cats of the Faculty of Biology. The view highlights the separation between Kebun Biologi and the road below, and from these vantage points, we might assume some level of safety for the birds and other animals that may dwell close to the edge. In reality (as we have seen), this end of the woodland isn't a wall of trees and branches, but a mixture of closed and open spaces.

In fact, it's normal for the trees on this end to be felled during the rainy season, when they carry the risk of falling on top of the passing vehicles. Falling trees and tree debris during the rainy season is unfortunately a regular occurrence in the tropics, and so, consequently, is the prioritisation of human life and property over trees and the animals that rely on them, not to mention their benefits when they're not being torn apart by violent storms.

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